Tax Debt Relief Services in Connecticut

Tax concerns often bring unnecessary stress to your job and personal life. This is where we come in handy to find a plan that alleviates the damage and protects your rights as a taxpayer. Don’t panic when you have tax debt-- know you have options on the table to help alleviate your debt and get you up to date with all your filings.

Every tax debt situation is unique, but we always keep our goals the same with every client: giving you the best possible tax debt relief solutions allowed by law. There are many tax strategies available under federal tax regulations, we’ll make sure to find the right solution for you by analyzing your personal situation to find the best way possible to proceed with your case.

No matter how old your tax debt is, we’ll help you prepare and file unfiled tax returns, audit your taxes to ensure compliance, and assist in tax settlement so you can pay back your debt at a comfortable schedule for you and your business. Tax debt is something that simply will not disappear with time; don’t let tax debt hide out in the dark; banish the stress of tax debt once and for all with our full array of tax debt relief services. 

Whether you have large debt or another problem such as a levy, we’re here to help guide you to the best solution and understand the effects, timeline, and results of each action filed. With our team of financial and legal experts, you’ll have the confidence to move forward with your business and focus on your next business goal.

We have over 35 years of experience in solving tax issues, including:

  • Federal Income Tax

  • State Income Tax

  • Small Business Tax Problems

  • Payroll Tax

  • Sales and Use Tax

  • Unfiled and Delinquent Tax Returns

CPA Consulting Services: It’s Never Too Late to Talk to Us!

We’ve resolved hundreds of state and federal tax problems for clients throughout Connecticut. In most cases, we are able to solve problems that have continued for many years within weeks or months of our first free consultation. We understand all the legal options available to resolve overdue tax problems for all types of Federal, State, and local taxes. 

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