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Bouncing Back from Financial Hardship: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

There is a cliché in the running world: Any workout, or any race, or anything hard, is divided into three sections: the first third is pure adrenaline, the second third is endurance, and the last third will tell you who you are.

That can be said about most things, especially working with taxes and tax returns.

For tax consultants, resolving an IRS debt is like a marathon: In this process, the consultant acts as the coach, while the taxpayer takes on the challenging course.

When clients initially hire a tax consultant, they are filled with excitement and determination. They eagerly follow our guidance, relieved to have the support they need. That’s the adrenaline-filled first third of the journey.

However, as time goes by, the process can become monotonous. Together, the taxpayer and tax consultant must navigate the complexities, submit and resubmit financial documents, and patiently await decisions from the IRS. This endurance section tests our resolve.

Then comes the pivotal moment when the IRS makes its decision, and the taxpayers discover who they truly are. The IRS often proposes a payment plan, presenting taxpayers with a path to follow.

Will they summon the determination to reach the finish line?

Can they manage their finances and make their payment month after month?

Are they ready to make the time to complete their tax returns by the deadline each year?

What do they need to do in their personal and professional life to make all this happen each month and every year?

Regardless, one thing remains clear: this is not a sprint. Bouncing back from financial hardship requires time, guidance, and training.

But don’t let that discourage you! If you’re determined to take on the challenge and reach for your goals, CPA Consulting Services will be there to coach and support you every step of the way.

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